COPPERPEACE is a West-Coast minded, USA-made company
serving a music-conscious/fashion-forward generation.   We make products to last a lifetime!


In Fall 2006, CP founder Johnna Lynn (J.Lynn) made her first strap while attending film school at University of North Carolina.  It wasn't long before fellow students & musicians noticed the strap and custom commissions began rolling in.

On January 11th, 2007, the first "business plan" for Copperpeace was hand-written in J.Lynn's journal during a semester internship in Los Angeles.

...thus we have determined Copperpeace was established in 2006.7

January 2017 will mark our 10.3 Anniversary!

Copperpeace spent formative years from 2007-2015 in sunny Hollywood, California. In 2015 the company relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest city of Seattle, Washington.  We just opened our first brick + mortar shop (Peace General), almost 10 years after the first CP strap was made. 


Your CP Item: 

Every item is handmade and quality checked by skilled artisans in the USA before it arrives in your hands. Leather is often used on Copperpeace products since it stands the test of time, and makes it possible for you to pass down to the next generation.  


As a way to give back while supporting music education, Copperpeace proudly sponsors straps for the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus.  The John Lennon Bus tours the country offering students free opportunities to record, mix and edit music all on the bus.  

TV & Film: 

Copperpeace has made TV cameos on The Voice, GLEE, The Office, America’s Got Talent, Yo Gabba Gabba, 90210, NCIS, Bones, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan, Craig Ferguson plus many commercials and shows we hear about day-to-day from our fans. Copperpeace was also worn in a GAP commercial with the Avett Brothers and on the HBO series "True Blood".

More Press: 

Copperpeace has been featured on Zooey Deschanels blog HelloGiggles.comNylon TV,, and has been worn on the front cover of PASTE and Guitar Player magazine.